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"Oh, You Shouldn't Have!" Heb. 10:1-14

12/28/2014 Download
"Born King" Matt. 2:1-12 12/21/2014 Download
"Why He Was Born of a Virgin" Matt. 1:18-25
12/14/2014 Download
"D" Day for the Believer - 2 Cor. 1:1-11 12/07/2014 Download
"Sacrifices of Thanksgiving" Lev. 7:11-18 11/30/2014 Download
A Thanksgiving Proclamation/Sermon by George Washington Ps. 146 11/23/2014 Download thanks...for all men... 1 Tim. 2:1-7
11/16/2014 Download
Thanksgiving involves action - 1 Chron. 16 11/09/2014 Download
The Devil's tricks have no treats 11/02/2014 Download
God's amazing intervention 10/26/2014 Download
Running from God 10/26/2014 Download
My Ebenezer 10/14/2014 Download
Doing the math 10/05/2014 Download
The foolishness of preaching the cross 09/28/2014 Download
The crucified life 09/28/2014 Download
Racial Reconciliation 09/21/2014 Download
Postmodern Absolutes 09/14/2014 Download
Abiding and bearing fruit. 09/07/2014 Download
The greatest work you can do! 08/31/2014 Download
God's amazing eternal Word 08/24/2014 Download
Periods of the Old Testament 08/10/2014 Download
Upcoming events! 07/27/2014 Download
The awesome headship of Christ! 07/20/2014 Download
Can you spell A P O S T A S Y? 07/13/2014 Download
To be a good soldier 07/06/2014 Download
Philadelphia: the Church in revival 06/29/2014 Download
The Church settled in the world 06/15/2014 Download
(I) will remove thy candlestick 06/09/2014 Download
A memorial revisited! 06/01/2014 Download
The priceless word of God 05/18/2014 Download
Two markedly different women 05/11/2014 Download
Christ raised from the dead set at the right hand of the Father 04/20/2014 Download
The Lord hath need of Him 04/13/2014 Download
Raised for the Glory of God 04/06/2014 Download
Give us a sign 03/30/2014 Download
Jeremiah's journey 03/23/2014 Download
Dead or alive 03/16/2014 Download
The judgement of the nations 03/09/2014 Download
Checked your oil lately? 03/02/2014 Download
At the end of the day! 02/23/2014 Download
The Kingdom of Heaven and the reckoning of accounts 02/16/2014 Download
But the children of the Kingdom shall be cast out 02/09/2014 Download
...Out of his treasure old and new... 02/02/2014 Download
Unraveling the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven 01/26/2014 Download
Jesus, children and the Kingdom of Heaven 01/19/2014 Download
The Kindom of Heaven is found in Matthew's gospel 01/12/2014 Download
Thy Kingdom 01/05/2014 Download

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